How to find businesses without websites on Google Maps for free

Image of Google Maps showing businesses without websites

Are you looking for potential clients for your web design agency? Google lists businesses that don’t have websites on Google Maps. It just takes a little digging.

  1. First, go to Google Maps and position the map window on the area you want to search.
  2. Enter the search query (ie. the business category you’re interested in) and hit enter. I’m sure you’ve done this part before.
  3. Scroll down the left sidebar, looking for listings that do now include a website icon.
  4. When you’ve found a business that doesn’t have a website icon, record it in a spreadsheet so that you can contact the business later to sell your services.

Helpful Tips:

  • Businesses that don’t have websites may show up towards the bottom of the list due to Google’s ranking algorithm
  • The number of results available is limited. Try zooming in the map to a smaller area if you are not finding many businesses without websites.
  • Save the Google My Business url to your spreadsheet for quick reference later
  • Some businesses use a Facebook page as a website, or placeholder page from Google to represent their website in their Google Maps listing. You’ll need to hover your cursor over the website icon to inspect the URL if you want to find these businesses.
  • Consider developing some criteria to use for filtering out businesses that may not be valuable leads. For instance, a business that has no reviews could be an indicator that the business is no longer active.
  • Not all business categories display an icon for the business website in the sidebar. For example, restaurants.

An easy way to find many businesses who need websites.

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